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"Supposing is good, but finding out is better."

Mark Twain

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A World of Cultures at Your Door

Our world is complex. Today we are likely to encounter many more ethnicities and languages through our clients, neighbors, and coworkers than our parents ever imagined possible. The communities you seek to engage may have relational needs and perspectives that are difficult to understand.

We need to grow in understanding and skill. Culture Pathways offers three levels of help.

LEVEL ONE: Our Cheat Sheets, which are cultural behavior guides for simple solutions.

LEVEL TWO: Customizable training Workshops for your team to learn cultural skills.

LEVEL THREE: Personal Coaching for individual corporate or ministry professionals who need more intensive one-on-one training and feedback.

Contact us with your questions, and let’s communicate to find training solutions that fit your needs.


“Through her service to ICES, Ms. Manning played a key role in communicating her extensive knowledge… as well as providing expert analytical support during times of research… She has a genuine love for practical knowledge.” Todd Schmidt, International Center for Ethnographic Studies "Kathleen has given us excellent insights into cultural challenges and helped us to navigate them.” Julie J., International Mission Board
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