Our world is complex

Today we are likely to encounter many more ethnicities and languages through our clients, neighbors, and coworkers than our parents ever imagined possible. The communities you seek to engage may have relational needs and perspectives that are difficult to understand.

We need to grow in understanding and skill. Culture Pathways offers help.



Customizable 2-3 hour Training Classes for your team to learn practical cultural skills. On site or Remote Learning. Full day Workshops are also available.


Personal Coaching for individual professionals who need more intensive one-on-one training and feedback.

About Kathleen Manning

Kathleen ManningKathleen is a Cultural Anthropologist (M.A.), cultural coach, and lifelong student of world ethnicities.

While working with refugees early in her career, she found that she greatly enjoyed helping people adapt to life in the United States. The tables were turned when Kathleen moved with her family to the Middle East for six years. There she taught graduate students and business professionals to “dig in” to the varied societies in which they lived.

Having personally experienced the ups and downs of adjusting to a vastly different language, neighborhood and work environment, she is passionate about helping others thrive in cross-cultural relationships.

Kathleen specializes in training classes for business people, focussing on employee to client relationships. The popular “Build Rapport” series teaches cultural background and behavior skills for dealing with clients from specific backgrounds. Kathleen also enjoys speaking about US Immigration History and trends.

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